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My Musings Have Not Ended…

While I have completed the year-long journey of this 365 Days Until Love blog, I have not put an end to the blogging.  My latest musings, mostly about my developing writing career, and other fun related stuff, are scribbled on Scrivere, which appropriately translates to “to write” in Italian.

I just relaunched my website!   This will help me to stay in touch with my readers and announce news, like my next book launch – but I’m getting a little bit ahead of myself.

My first book, Basking, a self-published chapbook of poems, will be accessible on the new site, along with my newest collection of poems, Consequences (to be published this spring).  Plus, I have just started writing my memoir, Love Grows in the Backyard: One Woman’s 365-Day Search for Everything at Home in the Northwest, based on this blog.  As soon as that’s published, I’ll put out the announcement.  In the meantime, I will include my latest prose, poetry and freelance work on the new site. 

Thank you for your interest in my writing and please stop by my new website:

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